Deaf to the sirens - 2008

by Bigblast

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Labels : My first records
Recorded at snapcut studio (Nice, France)
Artwork : Charlotte-Laure (aka blondie lime)

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released October 10, 2008



all rights reserved


Bigblast Lyon, France

Bigblast is a female fronted melodic hardcore band from France. They are playing a powerful melodic hardcore with strong lyrics and musical influences from Rise Against to Paramore. They’ve already done more than 100 shows in France & Europe. 2008, they released “Deaf to the sirens”. 2012, they released their first album “All saviours” and toured europe 3 times, played in 7 different countries. ... more

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Track Name: Looking for the light
Every day and every night
I watch the world now
spinning mad, I wonder why
We destroy ourselves
Are we in a hurry to see the light
Or be six feet underground
People seem to love their fate,
living in a common lie like
everything will be ok
if we let them choose the way
the one they paved for us
Here we are fighting for the rests
of what we had and destroyed
this earth we did not deserve
Here we are singing along and at loud
Standing up for a change of course
and I promess brighter tomorrows
Day after day we're
all digging our own graves
Wasting this gift
Do you feel any better
Is my voice wasted in the air
but nothing seems to change
what are we waiting for ?
My heroes as the're all gone
while we all sat ans stared
not on my own
a sleeper for no longer
Dizzy in this warmth
made of fake love and wealth
Track Name: Unknown rebels
Banners and songs, our only weapons
So where's the mistake what's so wrong
Does truth threatens you so much
Is violence the last thing you found?
Like a wounded beast cornered
One more obvious evidence
The hatred from above
Tipped from the speakers
They said they won't tolerate
And knees are shaking
They said they'd be merciless
Palms are moist Roar in the crowd
Hold my future in my hands
Everything has to change
Standing upright Praying in silence
Everything has to change
My harmless hands
There is no surrender possible.
Our lives are at stake
Jump off the barricades
in a burst of gas And broken bottles
run at the pace Of your heartbeats
Yelling but you can't hear
Through the crimson haze
Of the righteous shots
If you fall I'll pick you up
Latest news on the unfolding events report
hundreds of people wounded or killed
Who will you side with?
The eagles for all they care
Or your frozen age children
It's time for you to dare
To fight for your life
Get past the lies they’ve said
To fight for your freedom
To write your history...
We are dying by the dozen
But still raising our fist in the air
Won't be martyrs, they'll witness
We'll prove you wrong and take you down
Track Name: Differences of opinion, same statement
Can you tell me who the fuck I am
I'm lost, right now
a ghost taken in the stream
Can someone gimme the report of the murder scene?
To find myself guilty, to witness the failure
at the bottom of the body trap I've stepped in
Save my soul before, it's too late now
if only I could stand a chance
will we ever see something change ?
I never made a fucking stand
my denial my illusions
I've never peered through the glass
to look at the empire below
this life costs an arm and a leg
You couldn't even afford to heal
I shook my head To find myself there
Gentle executioner, director's cut
down my weapons to consciousness
look at my hands and all the bloody steps
just say a word, just say a word,
and I'll be out of all this
What happened to our future?
We are locked by our walls
We are what we do
It's bloodshed in this room
Who took the control, in those moments?
Director’s cut, must be a bad film
Where I can't wash my hands clean
just say a word to put me out of all this
Now comes the time, the time to draw the line
I call it fare - it was just fine for me
not to move at all
the haze has grown thinner
but where did we go wrong this time?
this achievement no longer stands
dazed souls for much too long
What can we do?
I'm nt a saint or fuckin' Jesus
is there something to mend my way
now comes the time to draw the line
and strike together for more
Track Name: Protest
Our politicians say they work for
The rise of our rights but they
Only want to raise
Their own power over the people
We are not as
Stupid as they think
We can see that they
Are laughing at us
We have to unify and react
Get up and fight
Defend all your rights
Don't let them think they can
Mute the voice of the resistance
Refuse and protest, don't give up
Refuse to be part of their failure
Our only way to make them
hear the voice of the people
To put the truth right in their faces
Is to unify and together give a fight
Against democracy’s decline
And raise the people's power NOW!
Everyone come with me and act
It's time for a revolution
Can't you see what's wrong
They are not doing what we want
So we must say “we can fire you”
If you decide the laws for yourself
Get up and fight
Defend all your rights
Don't let them think they can
Mute the voice of the resistance
Refuse and protest don't give up
Rather die than be their slave
Track Name: Nuclear winter
I went down the streets where we used to go
Had a walk in the milestones of my life
This place was too small,
I remember before the sun
came down on our earth
Now it’s nothing more than ruins
Nothing more than dust
Where are the souls who used to crowd
Those empty streets, who spoke aloud
It’s life below zero and
wind for only noise Have a look
at the city where we used to live
Come at the top of the hill
Below us is what our
life was do you remember the
nights,Watchin' out city lights
And all it meant under the stars
Now we’re two frozen sentinels
of year zero fading memories of a stolen
past Of what we gave,of what we
have done Almost dead,barely alive
It’s no future, we are inside
It’s all spoiled and gone
Only phantoms of the good all days
This is our nuclear winter Made of snow
and ashes,from june to december
Clouds following clouds as a
shroud to stay Eternity will pass
by as everything’s
wasted And we’re wasted
aren't you getting cold
down in a pitch black hole
pallid sun turns over head
will cling to what you said
rubble and winter white
yesterday's dead and gone
Now everything has stopped falling appart
We had a ticket for the end of time